Blog Policy

Content Policy:
All original content on this blog is the property of the writer, which is usually me.  Feel free to copy any material, but PLEASE give credit where credit is due.

Comment Policy:

Comments on this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the blog’s owner.

This blog is a DEDICATED FREE SPEECH ZONE designed to foster discussion amongst participants.  Disagreements may be common, or even expected.  Just because you see something written by a commenter that you may not like is not grounds for whining to the blog’s owner about the commenter in question.

Only the most vulgar of comments will be deleted.  The blog’s owner is the final arbiter on what is considered vulgar.  Commenters who repeatedly use vulgarity may be banned from the site by the blog’s owner.

Spam Policy:

Spamming this blog will not be tolerated.  Anyone caught spamming this blog will have all posting priviledges irrevocably removed.  Not only will the spammer’s IP be blocked, the entire IP range the offender was using will be blocked.  The blog’s owner is the final arbiter on what constitues spamming.

Second Chance Policy:

If you feel that you were banned from this site in error, you can send an email to darthtechie (at) gmail (dot) com.  Appeals may be granted on a case-by-case basis, but second chances will be rare.  Abusing second chance priviledges will result in immediate removal of posting priviledges.  There are NO third chances.