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Fuck the system

by @ Tuesday, January 31st, 2006. Filed under Family Matters, Pissed Off Rants

As many here may remember, my nephew got put into a halfway house after his grandmother lied to his probation officer. Well, things just got worse.
Our wonderfully enlightened state government has passed a law saying that cold remedies containing pseudephadrine, a key ingredient for methamphetamine, have to be dispensed by a pharmacist, and the [...]


by @ Tuesday, January 31st, 2006. Filed under News

Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., dead at age 78.

Attn Firefly fans

by @ Thursday, January 26th, 2006. Filed under Firefly, TV

Firefly video.

Battlestar Blogging

by @ Tuesday, January 24th, 2006. Filed under Battlestar Galactica, TV

This past weekend’s episode of Battlestar Galactica has proven once again that writer/director/producer Ron Moore’s idea of taking real-world events and applying them to his show is producing interesting results.
In this episode, two major issues were addressed: abortion and treason. In the first case, President Roslin decides that should Sharon and Helo’s Human/Cylon hybrid [...]

Seavey on CNN

by @ Tuesday, January 24th, 2006. Filed under News

This weekend, Sgt. Mark Seavey, an acquaintence of mine and a close friend of Nicki whose name and antics have been making rounds though the blogosphere for the last few weeks, had an interview with CNN.
Here’s the video.

Big surprise here

by @ Tuesday, January 24th, 2006. Filed under MSM/DNC

Hat tip: Memento Moron
It seems writers at the LA-LA Times don’t support the troops, but then, we already knew that, didn’t we?

Yes, GOP, I’m looking at *you*

by @ Friday, January 20th, 2006. Filed under Politics

Once again, the ministrations of representatives of the so-called “party of small government” proves that it has abandoned the principles of Ronald Reagan.
Man awarded $1 for 105 acres Port condemned
By: DANA BURKE, Citizen Staff01/19/2006
For years, Seabrook residents have said building the Bayport container facility north of town would hurt property values.
They might be surprised at [...]

You know what I hate?

by @ Thursday, January 19th, 2006. Filed under Me, Myself, and I, Pissed Off Rants

Writer’s block.
In two hours, I can write a paper for school and get the highest grade in the class. In fact, I routinely help others edit and revise their papers in order to improve their grades. It’s something at which I happen to have some talent.
At work, I can devise, plan, and write [...]


by @ Thursday, January 12th, 2006. Filed under Firefly, Random Stuff

You are Captain Malcolm Reynolds, aka. Mal or
Captain Tightpants. You saw most of your men
die in a war you lost and now you seek solitude
with a small crew that you are fiercely devoted
to. You have no problems being naked.
Which Firefly character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Politics of Battlestar Galactica

by @ Tuesday, January 10th, 2006. Filed under Battlestar Galactica, Politics, TV

Ron Moore, Navy veteran and creator of the current incarnation of the SciFi television series Battlestar Galactica, has said he wanted to draw parallels between the War on Terror and the Second Cylon War - the holocaust from which the Galactica and the fleet she protects are currently fleeing. All the while, the fleet is [...]

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