Of State and Marriage

I was recently asked my opinion about the issue of same-sex marriages and if I feel any kind of compromise can be made. I guess it’s time for me to come clean on my stance.

I believe that the State has absolutely no place in religion (or religious ceremonies such as marriage) just like religion has absolutely no place in government. No more state-issued marriage licenses or “marriage fees.” No more tax breaks for married couples or children – why should the State have to subsidize your breeding factory or push the burden caused by your tax breaks onto those of us who do not or cannot get married?

If you want to get married, go get your preacher to rattle his chicken bones over you while speaking in tongues, pronounce you “butch” and “bitch,” and leave the rest of us out of it. Similarly, divorces should go through the church instead of our already over-stressed court system.

If your church wants to endose same-sex unions, that’s between them, their congregation, and their god. If they don’t want to endorse same-sex unions, again, that’s between them, their congregation, and their god. There is absolutely no reason for the State to be involved in any part of personal unions.


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