Pardon me…

by @ 9:26 am on March 14, 2008.

…for not genuflecting at the Altar of Obama.

I have been watching the Democratic primary with equal measures of amusement and disgust.

Just this past week, Hillary Clinton dug up an old relic from the past that, frankly, should have remained in the past:  Geraldine Ferraro. The 1984 Vice Presidential candidate marched to the tune that Hillary called, like the good little tool that she is, and publicly proclaimed that Barack Obama is only where he is because he is black.

Except this time, Ferraro is right; Obama’s race makes him immune to criticism.  Among Obama’s sheep-like followers, any attempt to criticize Obama on anything is met with his followers screeching “RACIST” to all within earshot.

We live in a society in which “racist” the absolute worst thing to call someone. A public accusation of racism - whether the accusation has been substantiated or not - can end careers. For example, look at the extremely lucrative careers of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Both men have made millions in extortion money by threatening to run to the nearest camera and pronounce someone a racist if their latest target does not pay up.

Ask the three young men from Duke University how things turn out when the race card gets played.

Ask Don Imus what happened when the race card got thrown down on him.

Or how about the sportscaster (who was a close friend of Tiger Woods, no less) who lost her job because she used an unapproved word (in this case “lynch”) in oblique reference to those of the Sacred Skin Color™?

Before you brand me a racist for daring to speak ill of the Messiah, understand that I immediately lose all respect for anyone who plays the race card, regardless of the amount of melanin in their skin. We are all part of the human race, and what resides between our ears define us far more than other ephemeral criteria, such as ethnicity or gender. To date, His Most High Imperial Holiness the Obamessiah, has proven that he is intelligent, charming, charismatic, and an empty suit.

Obama is using his cronies to play the race card for him, much like Hillary (another known racist, by the way) is using Ferraro and her other cronies to say the things Hillary cannot say herself. He is not deserving of my respect, regardless of any redeeming qualities he may or may not have, and I will continue to treat him as I always treat those for whom I have no respect: with utmost contempt.

In fact, go ahead, call me a racist; I have been called a racist before, and the accusation will be no more true this time than it has been at any other time. All it will do is lower my opinion of the accuser.

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