My D20 gently weeps

by @ 2:16 pm on March 4, 2008.

As all four of my regular readers are aware, I am the very definition of the word geek.  I have more computer parts than I can count, and I am always on the look out for upgrades.  I also play many different role-playing games; not those linear “follow the choices we give you” ‘RPGs’ that are available for the Wii or the PlayStation, but actual dice-and-paper games like Dungeons and Dragons, Star Frontiers, and Gamma World.

Dungeons and Dragons, the brainchild of E. Gary Gygax, was the first RPG that I started playing when I was just a young lad.  It also became the default choice for many game sessions.  And, during the timultous years of my youth, it provided an element of stability in a chaotic life.  It was also damned good fun.

These games were a wonderful exercise for young imaginations.  They encouraged creative thinking, and not a little math, despite the never-ending cries from religious zealots who said D&D would encourage children to worship the devil

One can imagine my sadness today when I read the news that Gary Gygax, the founder of many dreams, has moved on to the Great Gaming Table in the Hereafter.

Rest in peace, Mr. Gygax.  My dice sparkle a little less brightly today.

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