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Lessons learned

Facebook as been very educational these last few days in the wake of the Santa Barbara shooting. Here’s what I have learned:

1. All men are evil.
2. All men are rapists.
3. All men are evil rapists.
4. All men are evil raping rapists who only live to rape.
5. If you have a penis, then you are guilty of something. Unless you wake up one day, decide you hate your penis, and have it chopped off and replaced with a surgically created vagina.
6. If you have your penis chopped off and replaced with a surgically created vagina, then any and all reprehensible actions you have ever committed are immediately forgiven, and you are elevated to “HERO” status for striking a symbolic, yet meaningless victory against the “white male patriarchy.” This is called the “Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning effect.”
7. If one lone mentally ill nutjob throws a temper tantrum and kills a woman, then this is complete, 100%, irrefutable proof that all men are evil and should all be executed.
8. If you deny being a misogynist fuckwit, then that is to be taken as proof that you’re a misogynist fuckwit, otherwise you wouldn’t need to deny it.
9. If you don’t deny that you’re a misogynist fuckwit, then you’re obviously a misogynist fuckwit.
10. Just accept that you are a misogynist fuckwit, you misogynist fuckwit.

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