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A happy home

Yesterday, I wrote about an abandoned pit bull that had been hanging around the building in which I work. This pit bull, whom we affectionately named Rufus, was a very friendly. very well-mannered pooch. Despite being malnourished and obviously hungry, he never became hostile, and gratefully accepted the food and water we had been putting out for him. The only time he ever came close to being off-mannered was when one of us was walking into the building with a bag from Jack in the Box; Rufus followed that bag like it carried the most delightful of treats, but the most he did was aggressively sniff at it. He never made even the slightest move to seize the bag.

Today, I am pleased to report that Rufus has a new home. A co-worker who owns some land north of Houston took Rufus home and will be taking care of him, and Rufus will get all the love and food he can stand.

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  1. 9/19/2013 | 10:25 am Permalink

    He’s so beautifu! Sweet little face. I wish I could adopt him!

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  2. 9/19/2013 | 1:45 pm Permalink

    The dog was so gentle and well-behaved that it would wait patiently at the curb whenever a car drove up, and he would greet everyone as they came up to the building.

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